Hello, I'm Ollie.

I build websites, and other cool things...

A passionate interface designer, with a focus on considerate experiences for real people.

I am an investment in the future of your project.

Though design is my weapon of choice, I have many other passions, from marketing and product development, to photography and web design. This is why I love working with small to medium sized businesses, helping them develop meaningful relationships with their audience through digital products.

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Video Game Website
Battalion 1944
From a client:

Ollie's work on the Battalion 1944 website was incredible! Being able to work fast but keep the quality high was essential to our project. Ollie took our game and made a great website that our fans loved.

Joe Brammer from Bulkhead Interactive
Joe Brammer
Bulkhead Interactive
From a former colleague:

Ollie is truly a one-of-a-kind designer. It’s rare you meet someone who is truly passionate about design and is willing to spend countless hours on a project. When I need someone to solve a problem in a graphically exquisite way, Ollie is the person I turn to.

Travis Howell from Creative Grenade
Travis Howell
Creative Grenade

I don't just make pretty pages

When you work with me, you’re receiving the full package. My number one goal is to help you, and your business to achieve its goals. This means I am not a printer for your thoughts, and I may not agree with all your ideas. Together we work towards a solution that has a positive impact on your business.

Battalion Site Design thumbnail
Aug 10, 2016

Battalion Site Design

TV Show Planner Website thumbnail
Aug 8, 2016

TV Show Planner Website

OpTic Gaming Website Design thumbnail
Mar 14, 2016

OpTic Gaming Website Design