Hi, I’m Ollie

I design things for people who live in the 21st century.

…maybe that’s a little too specific.

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"Ollie's work on Battalion 1944 was incredible! Being able to work fast but keep the quality high was essential to our project."

Joe Brammer
Joe Brammer

"Ollie is a one-of-a-kind designer. When I need someone to solve a problem in a graphically exquisite way, Ollie is the person I turn to."

Travis Howell
Travis Howell

"I've been extremely impressed with not only the quality of Ollie’s work but his exceptional communication and knowledge of the industry."

Tom Wade
Tom Wade
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Some of my favorite projects

I work on a range of exciting projects. From my own wacky ideas to products that you may have experienced.

Currently projects will open Behance or Dribbble in a new tab.
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I don't just make things pretty. I build experiences that support your goals.

My passion for design is largely driven by my fascination with how users consume content in a variety of mediums. From understanding how to communicate the value of a product and capture the interest of a user, to effectively providing critical data to help a user make a timely decision, I am allways exploring new ways to empower users.

At its core, my work aims to help companies connect with their audiences, and develop meaningful relationships with them through digital products.

  • I can design and develop a website built to your needs.

    UI & UX
    Frontend Dev
    Static CMS
  • …or build the visual identity for your brand.

    Logo Design
    Graphic Design
  • ..or even create the interface for your video game.

    2D Animation
  • Freelancer
    Digital Design
  • BA Hons
    Graphic Design
  • BTEC Ext. Diploma
    Interactive Media
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I live a very balanced lifestyle; two screens and a mouse in each hand.

I first discovered my passion for design through eSports, working with teams in a British gaming league called The WGL. Since then, I have learned new skills in order to build awesome stuff for teams I admire, and work for.

I enjoy gaming because I like winning. Multiplayer games provide me with an arena to develop a skill and put it to use. Much like the feeling when I publish a design, competitive games offer countless opportunities to put my skills to use and see the results.

In recent years, travel has become a huge part of my life. First to photograph eSports events, and now for leisure, I have explored over 13 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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