Hey, I’m Ollie: A multi­dimensional designer with a healthy obsession for code. Basically a Swiss army knife. Only British... and a designer.

  • Design

    I focus on UI design backed by strong foundational skills.

    I regularly explore new mediums to challenge my skillset and understanding of digital design.

    • Responsive Web Design
    • Product Design
    • Visual Identity
    • Pitch Decks
    • Graphic Design
  • Frontend Dev

    I build responsive sites and web apps leveraging modern web tech.

    I've always been a fan of the web: how fast it is to build on, and how open it is to everyone.

    I believe every new company should start by building on the web. It offers a playground to explore and test new ideas with a low cost of entry.

    • HTML & CSS
    • Javascript & Typescript
    • Svelte
    • React
    • Tailwind
  • Backend Dev

    I lean on great tools to build bespoke solutions.

    Each year that has passed since I learnt Javascript building for the web has become easier and easier.

    I leverage existing skills as a Javascript developer to build complete solutions without compromising on the vision.

    • Serverless
    • Sanity.io
    • Firebase
About Me

I don’t fit in to the typical archetype you might have for designers.

I crave new challenges Good design is invisible because it quickly becomes the expectation.

I look forward to working on projects that push the needle and take risks. A large portion of my career has revolved around the Video Game and Esports industries as they have such a wide array of opportunities like this.

I can wear many hats. My curiosity envelops all the things that go into making a final product.

My curiosity drives me to develop skills beyond design and become an asset to small agile teams. I’m a self-starter, comfortable exploring broad challenges to discover the work that needs to be done.

You get the gist:

Why I'm a valuble team member...

Component Libraries

Experienced in designing robust component libraries for design systems.

Design & Code.

Proficient in web development and communication between design and development.


A self-starter who is comfortable learning on the job, and driven to learn.

❤️ Small teams.

I’m at home on small, agile teams that rely on each other to be proactive.


I’m comfortable taking challenges and refining them into actionable concepts and solutions.

Remote First.

I have experience working on a remote team and some experience leading junior designers.