About Me

I live a very balanced lifestyle; two screens and a mouse in each hand.

TLDR: I’ve mastered the art of turning chocolate into designs

My origin story

My roots are in gaming. Since my first forum signature for Battlefield Heroes in 2010, I’ve had an ongoing stream of ideas that have inspired my continued accumulation of skills so I could turn thought into reality. The rise of esports fueled my creative hobbies with teams and players from a British gaming league called The WGL keeping me on my toes. Since then, I have learned new skills in order to build awesome stuff for teams I admire, and work for.

In 2012 I started studying design formally, reaffirming my love for the field. After that, I was hooked. My obsession with design (it’s healthy, I swear) has focused on interface and experience design for various platforms. By actively pursuing freelance projects both during and beyond my degree, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a variety of technical and practical challenges.

Gaming and stuff

I enjoy gaming because I like winning. Ironically, I don't always win, but my love for gaming never falters. Competitive multiplayer games provide me with an arena to develop a skill and put it to use with immediate results (hopefully a victory).

When I’m not being an absolute geek…

Not applicable.

In all seriousness, I try not to stare at my computer screen all the time. I also stare at my DSLR screen. And my phone. And––hold on to your hat––my TV. That being said, travel has become a central focus in my life, and I complement my tech-time with adventure-time.

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