• Kokyo is an esports news and data aggregator serving both fans and teams.

    I spearheaded the redesign of Kokyo and led various projects. I also pitched a new project that led to us securing an additional €500k in funding at Kokyo.

    • Rebranded Kokyo as it pivoted away from a white label solution.

  • Adam Fitch is a prominent journalist within esports and competitive video games.

    I designed and developed a microsite for Adam to manage his personal brand.

  • Misfits Gaming is a European esports organisation operating within various leagues, including the LEC (League of Legends).

    I worked with DigitalRift to redesign the website for Misfits Gaming.

    • Battalion 1944 is a competitive FPS game on PC.

      I redesigned and built the marketing site for Battalion 1944. I also designed a series of assets that are now in the game.

    • Dojo Madness is a tech company building various companion apps for video games.

      I worked on the design team building the first smart assistant for gamers.

    • 6FT Over is a brand my partner and I created for all our side projects.

      While living and travelling around SE Asia for 8 months with my partner. We designed, built, and ran our own travel blog.

    • Digital rift is an esports design & development agency.

      Initially hired to design the brand and site, I then joined the team to work on their site and assist with design on client projects.

    • University for the Creative Arts

    • X-Gamer is a powdered energy drink marketed towards gamers.

      X-Gamer had just proven product-market fit with a single flavour when they reached out to have me work on their new site. I designed the online store for X-Gamer and conceptualised a series of marketing images.

    • Creative Grenade is a design agency specialising in the branding of gaming entertainment brands.

      I worked on the CG site and various one-page client sites.